Sivan Nemirof began his cello studies at the age of five.  He is currently in the Manhattan School of Music PreCollege division where he learns with Deborah Park.  During his summers at Point Counterpoint and most recently at the Heifetz International Music Institute's PEG program, he has developed an appreciation for the magic of chamber performance.  He is a member of a piano trio that rehearses and performs through the New York Youth Symphony Chamber Music Program. This summer Sivan's piano trio will be performing at the Teatro de Rojas in Toledo, at Castillo de Maglia in Las Navas and in Malaga as part of a tour of Spain.  

Sivan is a freshman at the Bronx High School of Science and is a member of the Bronx Science orchestra. When he is not at school or playing the cello he can be found on the soccer field where he plays as a winger or forward.  He is also an avid reader of history and is always exploring new topics in American and Middle East history. Sivan is a member of the Back to Bach Project, Southern Connecticut Region.  

Juna Bobby