Learning Patience After an Injury

Last year, I was training for a competition when I felt sudden pain in my knee. It turned out I had a tiny tear in my meniscus (a jelly like spongy area in my knee that make up the knee joint). The doctors said it was so tiny it could heal on its own. I was so sad because I had to drop all training and although I felt like I could dance, I stopped going to class to let myself heal. It was really hard because all of my classmates went onto competitions and had a great year.

When I got to the summer intensive at ABT, American Ballet Theater, I didn’t know if I would be able to complete the intensive.

They were so supportive and never made me feel pressured to work through pain. I learned to listen to my body and sit out whenever I felt a twinge. I not only survived through a five week summer intensive, I thrived.

I learned how to do a routine of physical therapy exercises - ones I should have been doing as a dancer, anyway. I also learned how to take care of myself: how to feed myself nutritious foods, listen to my body and know when to push hard and know when I have to back off.

Most of all, I learned to be patient. I patiently waited out the healing period and used it to make my body and mind healthier by learning about food and the best ways to prevent injury and make my muscles stronger. I also became involved in a group project through which I learned an incredible amount of history and now I know that waiting for one thing can open other opportunities.

A big thank you to all the doctors and physical therapists at the Hospital for Special Surgery HSS Westchester!


Juna Bobby