No Equipment Fitness

Our Mission:

Ballet for the people.

Mission: There is a window of opportunity when young children can learn great things about their minds and bodies. We take this magical time to introduce kids to healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

What we do: Our dedicated pre-professional ballerinas, athletes and musicians lead kids in a close up, research based, fun, wellness experience.

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Our Mission

Ballet is full of treasures that promote wellness for the mind and the body.

Our mission is to nurture an appreciation for our miraculous bodies, to teach kids how to use muscles without any equipment, and to inspire kids to see the beauty in the details of their movement.

Through the beautiful art of ballet, we share how to feed our bodies with nutritious food and our minds with resilience.

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Our Goal

Inspire as many kids as possible to set healthy habits for their mind and body through the beautiful art of dance and music!


Our Programs

A close-up ballet experience with live music for kids in nursery school to 5th grade. The program teaches kids wellness through appreciation for movement.



Simon Says Ballet

Make your own Ballet Mime

We Ballet arts and crafts

up-CLOSE class with live musical accompaniment

Basic follow along class covering stretch, barre, center, and reverance.

Showcase solo or ensemble dance


Exercising without equipment:

How does our muscles stretch and get stronger?

How are we able to stand on our toes?

Physics of the pirouette


We Ballet Foodie Recipes

We Ballet Lunch Box: What’s in your lunch box game


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